• Emily Mulan Mua

My Favourite Brushes

"You can not create great makeup without great tools"

Francois Nars

There are so many great brushes and great brush brands on the market and never before have we been so obsessed with makeup brushes!

Gone are the days of using a weird foamy applicator that came with your eye shadow palette, your fingers or a flat powder sponge! We have a brush for every part of your face and for every half step of your makeup routine.

I really don’t think it needs to be that complicated. A few good quality, staple brushes can help you achieve a flawless look with out all the faff and then 50 brushes to wash. My advice, is buy good brushes, keep them clean and look after them and they will last you years. Thus saving you money in the long run and help your makeup go on flawlessly saving you time.

Here are my favourite brushes aka My Magic Wands!

1. Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush A fabulous multi tasking brush, can be used to buff In, layer or stipple foundation depending on how much coverage you want. Apply and blend cream blushers and cream contours or bronzers. A perfect sized handle that is easy to hold but also a great size for travelling.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Concealer Brush 18

The perfect brush for cutting a crease, concealing or carving a brow. Nice firm bristles with a sharp edge. Perfect.

3. Zoeva 228

The eye shadow blending brush of dreams. Affordable and soft. Blends out eye shadow easily so no hard edges just perfectly soft blended makeup every time. I would get 2 of these, one to add the colour and blend and then use a clean one to soften edges.

4. My Kit Co My Sharp Angle Brush

Ideal brush for filling In brows and applying liner. Cut perfectly to enable precision detailing and nice firm bristles so no splaying leading to wonky lines.

5. Real Techniques Setting Brush. The perfect size for powdering to set makeup. It applies just the right amount of product and Is the perfect shape to fit under eyes, around the contours of your nose and upper lip. Can also be used to apply highlighter and blend away any harsh edges.

There you go. 5 brushes to help you achieve flawless makeup and feel fabulous, do you have any favourite brushes? Let me know,

Love Emily xxx

PS: As always please excuse my spelling and grammar, I'm a makeup artist not an author- I specialise in colour and blending and clearly not commas and brevity.

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