• Emily Mulan Mua

Im a Woman of Colour, Do I Need To Bring My Own Foundation?

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

I am saddened at how often I get asked this question. It frustrates me in this day and age that women of colour still have to ask if they are going to be catered for in the same way as everyone else, purely as a result of their skin colour.

I 100% assure you that you do not have to ask me that question.

My value base is, and has always been that everyone is welcome in my makeup chair regardless of sexual orientation, identity, race or religion. And because I welcome everyone in my chair then it is my job to make sure that I cater for their different needs and maintain a kit that is appropriate and inclusive for everyone.

It disappointed me that my initial makeup education focused primarily on Caucasian skin and I wanted to really understand undertone, texture and colour theory to enhance and achieve a flawless finish for all my brides - no ones leaving my chair ashy or red I assure you! So I have undertaken additional training specifically in relation to skin colours of the world to ensure that I can prepare all skin appropriately for makeup and that I have a colour range that is inclusive for everyone and apply colours that are complimentary and enhance your beauty.

Im sorry that I have had to write this post, I am heart sorry that you feel you to have ask and I hope for a day when conversations like this are no longer needed. We need to do better.

Everyone is welcome in my chair,

I love you all, Emily xxx

Black Lives Matter

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