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Bridal Trial

Lets Make Magic .....

It's so easy to get swept up in the excitement and focus solely on the wedding day but it is important not to forget the bridal trial. This is where the magic really begins. 

The purpose of a bridal trial is to trial different makeup and for you to try out your bridal makeup to make sure you are 100% sure this is your bridal look. 

A trial also gives me the chance to work with you and get a real understanding of who you are, your wedding, and your vision to enable me to design your perfect look. 

I complete a mini consultation where I find out all about you. and your make up preferences and we also confirm your wedding morning time line which you can then share with your photographer and hair stylist. 

I will then apply your makeup taking inspiration from our consultation and then we keep adapting and developing the makeup until you are 100% satisfied. The finished look will then be recorded on a face chart so that it can be perfectly replicated on your wedding day. 

This will reduce the stress on the big day as you will know exactly how you will look once the make up has been applied so you can relax and just enjoy your wedding morning.

Please bring any pictures or ideas you have regarding your make up look, a picture of your dress and colour scheme can also be really helpful - don't worry my lips will be sealed and I will not mention the look or the style of the dress to anyone. 

It is also advisable to dress in a cream, white or light coloured top as lighter colours can wash out the skin tone requiring slightly different make up application.


The maximum length of a trial is 2.5hrs for the bride and 1.5 hrs for the bridal party, if a trial lasts longer then this it will be classed as a 2nd trial and will require additional payment as such.

After the trial if you want to make tweaks e.g extra sparkle, a different style of lash etc - Just le me know, I will amend your record so we have it perfect for your wedding day. 


The Bridal Trial Includes 

- Pre Trial Zoom Consultation if desired

- Consultation 

- Complimentary Lashes 

- 10  Miles Complimentary Mileage 

- Mini Skin Care Consultation 

- Preparation Cleanse 

-Luxury Skin Care 

- Application of Makeup

- Guidance & Advice from my professional experience 

- Complimentary Mileage up to 10 miles each way

- Develop Wedding Morning Timeline

Trials for the Bride are mandatory and are optional for the bridal party. 

Bridal Trials Bride £80

Bridal Party £60

The cost of the Bridal Trial is payable on the day of the Trial. 

In Peak season Trials are note available at the weekend & must take place in the week. 

10 Miles each way is provided complimentary and then charged at 50p per mile thereafter